Love Letters

Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for yesterday. You are a beautiful
woman & your place is very peaceful. You have good
energy & I like what you’re doing with sponsoring that
class. What an incredible example you are!
Thank you again & see you soon.

Peace Clela

I want to express to you how much coming to Asiza meant to me…
from the time i had the dream to meeting you in the flesh, the Spirit of you was the same… warm, loving, open and with a smile that could change someone’s day! your spa is incredible and a blessing for many lives! your story of how you got started amazes me…from the simple act of love to help your brother to helping hundreds of peoples lives!! what an amazing gift and heart you have! i thank The Creator for you and ALL that you do! welcome to your destiny!!! you are a healer!
much love to you

Kelly Love Jones

Hello Ms. Mary, I miss you so much.. I been so busy I haven’t had a chance to even call or stop by. I just want to say thank you for helping me and my belated boyfriend get healthy. You are so informative especially when it comes to the human body and keeping it healthy, and needless to say your spirit, vibe, and personality is incredible. I will continue to refer you and your services as long as it takes to help others get healty as well!


Hi Mary
Just a small note to let you know mom and I are doing wonderful and we can not thank you enough for all the help mom went to the Dr Yesterday and her blood pressure much better she can walk much better her circulation in her legs have improve thanks you so much and for me I am doing good trying to change all my bad habits from drinking more water and eating good ,no more fast food for me, Looking to see you on 7/26.
give a kiss to Victoria .
have a great day love Angela and Teresa

Angela and Teresa

…hey mary.. you are the best in the usa…and jim and i know, and you know we know…

…was in town for a seminar, the gals were awesome…

…jim’s on larry king tonight…movie premiers the 19th…

…and i’ll be back next month for my time with you and another seminar i’m giving…

…sorry i missed you this time but the snow was awesome…

…we’ll stay in touch, please come to my next seminar and i’ll give you more referrals…


Good Morning Mary,
Thank you so much for your help…
I know you probably hear this all the time, but Brad and I think you are wonderful and I know that he will be back and is moving in the process of wanting to rid his life of toxins as well!!!
You are a blessing in my life!
Thank you,


Hi Ms. Mary, How are you? I know you are doing very well after your vacation. I was so thoroughly satisfied with my first colonic, can’t wait for my next. I felt like a new person. Since my first, I feel lighter, my eye sight is clearer, my skin is glowing, and not as stiff getting up. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease with your warm mannerism and expertise. I was so satisfied from start to finish. You are in your calling! I am sooooo over due for my follow up. Soooo glad you’re back. I’m trying to see what’s your earliest opening. Thanks so very much


Goodmorning Ms. Mary. I have been trying to detox my body for some time now but was not using the proper products. Now, that I have tried colonic’s it have been a blessing to me. I can see the difference in my complextion and body change. This was a long time coming and excited to continue with the liver and kidney detox as well. Ms. Mary, you are a pleasure to work with and thank you for caring about the human body or should I say our health.


Hey Mrs. Mary,
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me today. I am prepared to follow any regime that you think will help. I appreciate your clear explanation and the caring way you dealt with me. Thank you again so much. I will talk to you soon.
Thank you,

Mike V

I really am pleased. I can’t believe the difference in just one colonic. The watery stools I’d been experiencing have ceased. I know Initially I thought nothing came out but it doesn’t matter what did or didn’t come out, all that matters is that my system is finding a balance now. I don’t understand it but I wanted to let you know that I am improved and thank you again.


Good morning, Mary.
My husband and I wanted to thank you for your services last week. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Your pleasant personality coupled with the warm and tranquil enviroment of your facility made our visit phenomenal! We will definitely return!

Mrs. S. Tobler

Holy cow!! I saw the picture. Well done Mary. Your instincts and experience are paying off. Pastor Larry would like to continue with at least two more sessions, and whatever else you suggest. I will call you next week to set up two more for the 5 session discount and all. Thank you Mary for taking care of him so well. I can see what you mean about momentum.


Hi Mary, hope all is well. I just wanted to drop you a line to say Thank You, soooo much. I am so blessed to have found you! my cleansing experience has really changed my life. I feel real good, words cannot even come close to telling how I feel. Again thanks, and I will see you next week.
May God Continue to Bless You,

Peggy Cryer/CAM