Azisa Colonic Day Spa
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Hours of Operation:
Flexible... usually 9a-7p
Mon-Thurs and 9a-2p on Friday and Saturday 

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Sorry we have no services or space for children, so please leave the little darlings at home.

A Message From Your Therapist
Mary on the Beach

Hello there and thanks for coming. If you have not had a colonic before, I would love to give you your first. If you are nervous, scared or apprehensive, you should be. he-he. No worries, you will just love your colonic, and you will love me too. (I don't know why but everybody does). I have 14 years experience and am passionate about your health and mine. Azisa is located in a small, safe and quiet neighborhood providing ultimate privacy for this most awesome experience. Additionally, we have two colonic rooms to accommodate couples. This 'weird water therapy' will be explained to you in detail.

Mary Williams